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A quick update

THe moving went *mostly* well on Friday. The movers did manage to damage my desk, but it still works. However, I will have them pay something for the damage so that I can get a new one. They don't make these desks in sweden, but we will have to figure something out.

When they moved me, they also moved 9 boxes of alcohol. It was all of the alcohol that I had been buying in duty free in Oslo and tax-free in Denmark during my travels over the last 3 months.

Got a parking ticket :( since I parked illegally on Friday night, but not much to do about that.

I spent a good portion of saturday unpacking things. At the same time I have also been doing an inventory which is needed for home insurance. The only I have not inventoried is clothes and food. I have a plan to slowly but surely inventory all books, CDs, and DVDs, and hope to have that done by Friday. But the most valuable stuff is nearly complete.

Had a huge party night on Friday, spent a part of the day recovering on I will take Robin to Ikea and I will do some food shopping as well. More unpacking too. I hope to be finished by Tuesday of this week.

This week is busy at work as well. All weeks at work have been busy lately, but that is another post.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I promise next weekend to take some pictures of my flat and of the part of stockholm which i now live! :-)

Finally, here is a map of Östermalm

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