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The apartment continues to take good shape. The desktop computer made the move successfully. I can use my phone line to dial into my company network so at least I have some semblance of internet connection. I finally have cable TV after the store accidentially gave me the wrong cable box (for another cable provider). Robin came over and helped install the rack for the bathroom. Move of the content of boxes have been put away (now I have 4 boxes and 2 large messy tables left). And I made a stain on one of the couch cushions (not that kind you potty mind people ;), but I bought it to the cleaners and they told me that it would be no problem to remove. To prevent that from happening again, I am putting couch covers on both couches, and replacing his pillows with darker pillows.

Finally, I need to get permissions to drill holes into the wall to put up curtains, and I have deicded that I will move the dining room table slightly farther away from the wall and then place a chandlier over the table.

I am getting used to living in one large room. I will end up liking this place a lot. I'll take pictures once I am done.
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