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Markus Breaks His Leg

Or the better way to put that is that Markus has one of his legs broken by two very drunk and fat people at the club that we were at on saturday. they fell in him in such a manner that they broke his leg. which is really disappointing and upseting because he was actually sober and these two guys were go drunk that they weer falling over themselves. It is also a problem with sweden because in sweden people drink to get drunk always and without any consideration of the consequences of their drunkenness. and since these guys broke his leg and walked away, even that has no meaning because in sweden, there is no such thing as liability really. unless someone gets killed, there is no incentive on the part of the individuals who broke his leg to care. you really cannot sue individuals, even when their drunken behavior causes your leg to get broken.

so markus had to have surgery, will spend at least 3 months off of his feet, and the doctors are considering whether he needs a steel plate in his leg to be able to walk normally again...if that is even possible given the way that they have damaged his leg. He has an apartment to finish renovating in time for the winter, and his job required travel and mobility, which is not possible now.

i am so furious that a country that allows it's citizens to get drunk without abandon has no penalty for their behaviour other than an "oops".

Let me make this clear. I hope Markus finds them and extracts an appropriate price. Their drunkenness was inexcusable. and the consequences should be equally unforgivable.
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