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My Apartment Is Santa's City Apartment

Fuck it was cold in my apartment yesterday. The heat supposedly has come on today, but I don't feel it coming in through the vents. The problem is not so much during the day, it is during the night when everything cools down. Last night it was the same temperature in my flat as it was outside. Without the blankets, I would have gotten hypothermia.

So I called the landlord today at 09.00 am and told him that no matter what else we have to talk about, the heat needs to work and it needs to work tonight. Santa called and asked if he could live with me on the weekends because he heard the temp in my apartment was the same as at the North pole.

In other news, I am supposed to get broadband "sometime this week"...and I am learning how the washing machine in the "laundry room" (which is really someone else's apartment from what I can tell) is supposed to be working.

Overall, I accomplished things today, but nothing of what I wanted to do....

More about the weekend with the Danes in another post...
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