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Goodbye Amsterdam, Hello Nightclub

So, it's been a really great weekend. As I type this on a Sunday morning, after just having had a massage, followed by a great breakfast!

The Supperclub yesterday was so amazing! The 5 course dinner was superb. The performance art was a lady playing the violin perspective to the trip hop and house music of the resident Supperclub DJ. And as I was sitting by myself, two American girls who wanted to sit on the beds instead of the tables joined me for dinner. Afterwards, I went out dancing with two other people I met at the Supperclub, but I left for the hotel around 3am, fully relaxed and fully content. I can't remember being so relaxed and refreshed. Goodness, I am returning to being myself, instead of this other person I have been that has been really tough on everyone. We'll see how Monday afternoon treats me in the office, but I am hoping for the best!

I am so glad that I decided to take a weekend away from Sweden. Disappointed that Rene and I didn't get the opportunity to meet and take a coffee, but I am happy with the things that I have purchased and the 5 wonderful people I have met over the weekend. Everything really does happen for a reason, so I don't have any regrets. I've spent relatively little for the weekend (was about the same as if I had stayed home over the weekend).

My flight leaves here at about 14.00, which after transport back home and everything, will put in back at my apartment at around 17.00. Still thinking about whether to go to the Boat. I wanna go because it's Markus' last weekend here before he spends 2 weeks in Italy visiting our friend Luca. And also because Robin is back as well. And it would be cool to meet up.

So I have enjoyed this experience so much, that I have decided to get myself 2 christmas presents: :)

  • December weekend in Paris, staying on the Champs-Elysees (anyone wanna join me?)

  • A 2004 trip to Mykonos

OK, I guess I should pack up around here (actually I am already packed). I was hoping to be able to visit Madam Taussauds, but I am out of time, and I need the remaining time to go shopping for beauty supplies. I mean, I look good quite effortlessly, but hey, we can all do with some minor touch-ups from time to time ;-)

More later maybe. Have a wonderful day everyone.

hugs-n-kisses, Rodney

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