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Why the iPod still sucks...

Now I know that all of the iPod lovers out there are sharpening their claws to scratch my eyeballs out, but relax, I am an iPod owner as well. I am sold on iTunes and the easy unified experience. I even like the fact that I can easily type a song identifier in the search bar and generally get the song I want. Even though I had importing problems (for those who use who moved songs over being organised under the Real Player system and directories to the iPod system and directories) and my sometimes due to my general laziness.

But therein lies a feature I wish they would put into the iPod itself.

Searching capabilities suck within the iPod. All you are left with is the clickwheel and the selection of menus. It means I spend a lot of time trying to find music on my iPod instead of listening to music. It's especially bothersome when I am not sure of a song's complete name...for example, if I only know a couple of words in the song title or don't know the artist's full would be nice if they just created a menu option called search, and you could select letters of the alphabet (in your local language of course) from the clickwheel and then it would return search results to you on your iPod. Let's just start with that. And then, if they wanted to really impress us, allow us to save that list. I would give up 100MB for that feature to be in my iPod...I think most others would too.

Is that too much to ask?
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