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So Close!

I am closer than ever to getting EuroBonus Gold!

Tonight I go to Helsinki which will get my 1380 points, which means that I need only to find a way to get 70 points before my return flight on Thursday (I could get them on Thursday after I fly).

The reason I am kind of obsessing about the status before Thursday is that my return flight home on Thursday is in their "Snowflake" section, which is the worst of the worst areas of the plane. And SAS has 2 types of lounges...SAS Business Lounge and the SAS Scandinavian Lounge. The first lounge is for any passenger with a business class ticket. They have a very small selection of soft drink. Some strangely concocted bread and cheese combination, and beer and wine, both of which come from a spout. The SAS Scandinavian Lounges are much better. It is only for EuroBonus Gold people. They have better snacks and alcohol, but more importantly,just a better lounge environment where it is easier to relax. And many of my colleagues have EuroBonus Gold and I am tired of having to rely on their good graces to let me in.

So I need to come up with 70 points before Thursday.

At first I was going to just pay for a night for a hotel here in Stockholm, but I don't wanna use my hard-earned money for that. I came up with another way last night. Tonight I will check into 1 Radisson SAS Hotel just for one night. I know that it gets me 300 points and takes about 3 days to post. Tomorrow morning I will move to the Radisson SAS Hotel that my colleagues are at (when most will arrive anyway), and then stay with them. By the time the hotel points and the flight points get credited to my account, it will be Thursday and I will be EuroBonus Gold. Just in time for my flight home in monkey class.

But before you think it is just the snack and the booze, the other benefits are the special check-in areas at the airport, priority waitlisting (and the flights to Copenhagen and Helsinki are always fully booked so it will be nice to get a better chance to get on the plane first), and when you have questions or complication with your journey, you get priority handling at the service centers. And that is good since with SAS, they dedicate their lives to having something go wrong. For example, the 3 times I have been to Helsinki, my return flight has been cancelled and I have down-prioritised so that I have had to wait in the airport for up to 2 hours extra.

So there is some logic to getting those 70 points sooner rather than later. Call it travel insurance.
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