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Woo Hoo! Desperate Housewives!

OK, so if you are a US customer of iTunes, then you are able to order Desperate Housewives on your iPod. Which I guess is good if you have a video iPod. But not so good if you don't. So I ordered the DVDs and hopefully they will come when I return from Finland this week.

To be sure, iTunes was offering somewhat of a bargain...the complete season for US$35.00. However, I got the DVDs for US$55 and they are something that I can hold and then digitize for my own use. And I am not at all familiar with the protections that iTunes puts on videos, so it might even mean that I wouldn't be able to see them elsewhere if I wanted to. DVDs are portable and I can make digitize them later on my archive for my own personal use (to stay within laws). Much more functionality for only US$20 more.

But on the flip side...the iPod video does look cool. I would just want to see one in person before thinking about it. And they still have to fix that goddamn search issue :)

In other news, I've been feeling achy lately in odd places...i took a few tylenol and i hope that fixes things right up...
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