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Updates has been an interesting 3 weeks.

I had a business trip to Helsinki that lasted for about of those weeks, sprinkled in with a trip to Copenhagen. Work is really kicking my ass at the moment, so it has been hard to have a social life and to get some work done. I still am not done unpacking my apartment, so I have been working on that in the evenings that I have been home.

I have also gotten back into the habit of making my own meals. Nothing too fancy because I have been so exhausted from work, so simple things like gnocci and pesto, or chargrilled chicken with pasta and a homemade marinara. I have to say that I have been naughty and thrown in a few frozen pizzas in as lunch and dinner, but I am kitchen is not complete :)

On the work front, I was presented with an ultimatum regarding my assignment here. I am not too sure how to approach this. I think I will post more about that as friends only (sorry everyone, but discussing work things in too public of a forum doesn't seem right). The way it works out could end up in me going home in June of 2006, or staying here indefinately, but the trade-offs are huge!

I also decided that I am going home for Thanksgiving, and to visit Steve in Atlanta as well. It will be good to get a return trip back to the US. I might be coming back sooner rather than later....who knows...

But all-in-all, things are good. This week will bring me to the UK for some long-overdue education, and then the following week I will be in the states. And then I will stop traveling for awhile. I could use the break from it!

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