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USA Visit

So today is Saturday and I have been in the US for almost a week. It has been an good trip here. I arrived on Tuesday evening very late and was really tired so I went to bed. On Wednesday I had doctor's appointments for most of the afternoon and instead of seeing my family I got jet lagged and needed to sleep. So I actually didn't see my family until Thursday morning and spent the day with them.

I went to visit my grandmother as well. She is definately getting older and I worry for her so much. It was really good to see her. We sat and talked for 20 minutes. At her house. I can't say that I have ever done that. But it felt so good to do that and to see pictures from when she was young and to hear her stories. I went back to my car and cried, ashamed that I had not done that sooner. That I had never done that with my grandfather, and that I had squandered opportunities to do that with my parents. I also saw our aunt, who has been very ill as well. And of course my mom, who misses me so much that I can see in her eyes that it hurts her that I am away. She is happy for me and supports my decision to remain in Europe or anywhere, but just wants me to communicate more. It was a sobering reminder that while I am pretty ok in my personal life, I need to pay more attention to family life. So I have already booked a trip back to the USA.

On Friday I went to Atlanta and this is where I have been ever since. Visiting Steve. It is great to see him too. I don't rank friends (I do put them in tiers or categories like everyone else does), but let us say that he is pretty close to the top.

On Friday we went out to Red Chair and Wet Bar (2 gay places) and I got really drunk and had to go back to the apartment. I was drunk. very. very. drunk. Tonight we are going out as well. Maybe tomorrow, if everyone decides to have a relaxed night, I will make a dinner where everyone can just chill out and relax.

I can just say that I left Boston with a sense of inner peace and calm that I have not had in a very very long time. Despite all of the challenges, it helped me understand that when I take analyse my 2005 new years resolutions and prepare the 2006 list, that I will have to make family a stronger component.

There is so much more to write, but of course, like I always say "i'll get to that later ;)"

Love to all.


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