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Interestingly Enough

Well I was reading a friend's posting on racism in America, and the responses to it, and I have to say that I am really amazed. Not much at his assertions but really at the majority of response which offered complete and total validation. I personally strongly disagreed with it and with the follow-on supportive comments for reasons you can read in my original response.

Particularly the poster from Toronto when I gave the counterfiet money example and her response to it. By that logic for example, because it is assumed that black people shoplift more, then by extension, security guards trailing all black patrons in shops simply because they walk in is acceptable. After all, shoplifting is a big problem and costs billions in revenue and profit, right? The logic seems wrong not because I disagree with her statement, but I disagree with the foundation on what they are based on.

Read it all and give me your thoughts, whether in response here or in e-mail. I've put the thread up for sharing with some other multi-national, multi-cultural groups I am a member of (you all who read those threads will see it soon), if only because I need some confirmation that my position is not totally off-base. Sure, shoot me for being idealistic or focusing too much on the bigger picture at the expense of the question, but this is the first time that it would have truly felt wrong *not* to respond.
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