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Well it has been a crazy week. My formal assignment in Sweden will go until 30 June 2006. My company is working on a local contract offer, but I don't know that it will offer enough enticements for me to stay, but it is still early in the process. My friend's boyfriend won the election for his region of sweden. My ex got beat up by a group of arab guys who assumed he was a nazi because he was speaking german with a friend, my other friend visting from london might have ionjured his leg and is at the hospital, and i had a yummy mini-kebab pizza and slept the day away and walked around the city for some exercise.

oh yeah, and the best part was having to visit the embassy to get something notarised only to be old my passport looks like it's been mishandled by terrorists and being basically forced to get a new passport. Not too much of a problem except my work permit is in that passport as well as my non-expiring Ausralian visa (which was valid as long as the passport was valid) and my visa to Brazil (2 years left on it). Sigh. Cancel those plans to Sydney and Rio. And that US$12 security enhancement fee I had to pay still pisses me off. they charge ever person this amount who does anything more than come to the embassy and says hi. I asked what the fee does. The Swedish lady at the embassy said "stops terrorist attacks." Who knew that America's efforts to combat terrorism only required $12 per visitor to a US Embassy.

Blah I say. Or O'rly. Or damn it all to hell. I need drink.
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