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International Color the Year: Orange

Yes, that's right. It's time to select the color of the year. That color is orange.

Wanna elect the first femal german chancellor from the former communist part of the country? They should wear orange.

Want a good source of vitamin C? Orange (both a color and a thing)

Want to wear something which says "I want freedom. And democracy. And coverage on CNN"? Wear orange.

Feel like the cashier at McDonalds gave you a smaller portion of fries than you paid for? Wear It. Orange.

Sigh. It's the color of the year. And the most misused symbol of the year too. This is akin to the ribbon movement (what isn't there a ribbon for). Or Hallmark's attempt to make every holiday have a card (have you ordered you card forAll Saints Day yet? I can just see it now, a card says something like "On this day that christ flew to heaven, i'm thinking of you. happy all saints day." And with a signature that says "eternally yours (soon), Satan")

I am in a bad mood I think, but I don't know why. I have "Hung Up" remixes by Madonna. And they rock.
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