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Holiday Blues...kind of..

I am not sure why I am a bit depressed. The holidays are supposed to be a nice time. A fun time. But I don't feel happy or fun. I am supposed to spend Christmas with Robin and his family, and I am grateful for the invite, but I feel as if I am too depressed to participate. That and being my ex would make christmas quite a strange event. His parents like me and that is cool enough, but there would always be this feeling like "what is he doing here...they are not together..."

But besides christmas, for some reason i find that i am just bored. i have gone to the gym to try and get rid of some of the boredom, but at the gym i don't feel overly motivated. even though i have dropped 5 kilos because i have an aggressive february target to lose the travel weight i picked up.

i guess i have some other things to share as well, but not in the public post. maybe those things relating to my friends have impacted me in both very good and very not-so-good ways.

At any rate, just wanted to post a mini-update. I am sure that things will get better and that this down feeling is really just temporary. But untilnext I write...seasons greetings :-)
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