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Hej Hej

So I know that it has been awhile since I have last updated. Really sorry about that. I haven't been busy as much as I have been lazy and uninspired to write. But however, now I do feel so inspired to write and so a short update is in order.

My offer for a local contract with Sweden is still on the table. I have just not decided what I want to do. I have 4 really nice options and I need some time to think about them all. I suspect that in the next 2 weeks I will have everything all figured out.

Got my evaluation at work and I was pegged as an "Above Average" contributor. Which is fine with me. I guess I didn't do good enough for a superior performance and there may be some truth in that. Don't know. As long as my performance bonus is reasonable given the company and by business unit's overall performance, I am content to just move on.

Markus came over for dinner and that was cool. Max and I good friends again and that makes me happy. Markus (a different one) and I are talking again and resoliving our differences. I am doing some light travel around Scandinavia. And I have return trips planned for Berlin, London, Prague, and maybe Paris.

And so far I am saving more money than I expected. I have a goal that between now and June, I should be able to save 60,000 SEK (about US$8000) just in case things come up. I realised that I don't have a "Rainy Day" fund. My goals this year are quite ambitious financially speaking. With some commitment and sacrifice I can meet them.

Anyway, things are good overall. My health is relatively OK. Root canal treatments are almost done! yay! \o/ And my partying in 2006 so far has been no where near as intense as in 2005.

So hope everyone is doing well!

Love and Hugs,


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