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This Weekend

Now that the weekend is coming to a close, I thought that it was a good as time as any to make an update.

Max's birthday was this week so I knew that this weekend would be a big party weekend. On Friday a bunch of us were at his place and then we went out to Morchai. It's a straight place but plays really good music, and we were a mixed crowd. So it was a fun time. On Saturday, we met up again - most of us anyway- along with Warren. We went out to Lino for their grand new opening after all of the construction - but it turns out that the construction was far from over. But it wil look great when it all done. And then we went to Obscur, an alternative club-- because one of my favourite DJs in Stockholm was playing there at 01.00. So I stayed until it closed and then went and hung out with Warren. Markus also came out and it was good to see him out too :-)

And now I just made yummi homemade chicken tikka masala and papadums. I ate too much, but I haven't eaten all weekend really. Well I ate on Friday actually. So I was overdue for some nourishment.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice weekend in their own way :-)

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