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Feeling Better by the Hour! :)

Well I decided that last night I should stay in. Even though there were plenty of people calling and asking me to go out just for a few hours. But I was actually feeling weak. I would get dizzy when I stood up, and I ended up sleeping about 15 hours yesterday. And it was all much needed sleep in fact.

Yesterday was quite weird as well. Imake chicken tikka masala for dinner last night. and throughout the day was drinking white wine. when i fell asleep after dinner, i had a really hard time breathing. i mean very hard. so much so that i thought about going to the hospital. I am wondering if I was allergic to something in the dinner I made (never happened before= or whether I was just too congested to eat food that was a bit spicy? Not sure.

So today is all about more relaxing and recovering to prepare for the week. And in the process of sitting around the apartment, I will be burning about 30 CDs. I have about 6400 songs already in iTunes. And I need to get all of my CDs into iTunes before the end of April. And I have about 230 CDs to go. When everything is said and done, I should have around 8000-9000 songs in iTunes (not counting about 200 various types of videos). And now that I think about it more, I think I am going to need a new media backup drive. but I don't feel to pay SEK 8000 for a terrabyte drive. But I may have no choice in the matter if I want to save all of my music, and make a complete system backup on my desktop and work laptop.
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