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Just a random update

Since I last wrote (and I don't remember when that was)

  • It seems the negotiations for my potential local contract are going to go on for a few more days. I told my family of what I was thinking about in terms of staying or leaving and they will be supportive either way.

  • I had dinner with Markus on Friday. He made a delcious fish and risotto dish. We got drunk on bubbly and wine and went out and hung out like we used to. It was nice.

  • I was devastated on Saturday. Missed coffee with Ola and Ali but had other things which I had to give higher focus to

  • Spending a hell of a lot of time to get control of my music collection -- re-importing CDs so that the information shows properly, removing duplicate copies of the same CD (some CDs I had burned multiple times of selected Real Media Player for the initial import which was a disaster when it came time to port over to iTunes, but the original digital copies were made years ago

And on top of all of it, there is a lot that is going on at work, and that means travel between here and Denmark regularly for the foreseeable future.

But I am relatively healthy (recovering from what I thought was a cold but was actually a respiratory infection) and maybe even a bit wiser.
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