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Yummy Dinner :)

Yesterday I invited Markus over for the dinner. Actually, dinner should have been a week ago, but I was sick last weekend so it had to be this weekend instead. I made lasagne and there was a caesar salad and baugettes to to go along with it. And for dessert, an almond snickers cake.

I have to say that the lasagne turned out quite good. Even though I didn't make a white sauce to go with and decided that the top of the lasagne should focus on blending the different cheeses I used together. And instead of red wine to the lasagne, I decided on a white semillon chardonnay. And it went quite well. So dinner to me was a success. Just next time I will make my own noodles for use in the pasta. It just feels better to make the pasta and the sauce myself.

And the company was nice too. I like Markus a lot. It is always relaxing to sit and chat with him. :-)

I woke up this morning still full from yesterday. And I have 6 squares of lasagne left. Anyone want some?
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