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Milestone! :)

Well I am pleased with myself. I reached a milestone when it comes to my iTunes Music Library. Over the past 6 weeks, I have imported 2500-2700 songs into my iTunes music library, converting 251 audio CDs to the digital MP3 format. And in the process I removed songs which were burned with the wrong information or lost their formatting during the conversion previously. I also got rid of loads of duplicates imports. And for all of the duplicates I got rid of (when there duplicates, in most cases there were 2 copies for every 1 song) -- I also got in a lot of new content.

So my iTunes stands at just under 7000 songs. Which is nice. I have a large selection of music all on one device :) But since the search functions on the iPod are non-existent, I can't take advantage of it the way I want to :-(

But this is no time to rest on my ass. I have another case of CDs which need to be imported -- about 80 more CDs before I can close my CD cabinet for a long long time. But not forever as some songs wouldn't burn and I decided to skip them. But hey, you can't have complete perfection. :)
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