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To quote a cutie "This Be How It Be Going Down" ;-)
(the partial week in review)

Was there on Sunday for meeting on Monday. Sunday night one of my work colleagues invited us over for dinner. She made a terrific dinner and Peggy and I gave her a terrific bottle of Dom Perignon vintage 1998. It was sooooo yummy. We chatted for hours and hours until i started to get drunk and had to leave. Was supposed to meet up with other friends for a late-night drink, but at the risk of being hammered, that fell through. The meeting was very productive and went well on Monday, and that was a good thing. Flew to Copenhagen on Monday afternoon. Had a very good duty-free experience too. More booze. Like I need that. Sigh....

This week in Copenhagen I actually felt quite lonely. Usually I have some personal friends to hang out it, but everyone is getting sick But I hung out with members of the team there to review our work one night. I bought them to my favourite Thai place in the city -- Porn-Sac (lol). And the other nights I spent studying up for my CISSP examination next month, or just trying to get caught up with work. I had been looking forward to back to Stockholm over the weekend and getting to sample that beer collection I speak so much about, but then when I searching some low-cost carriers for another personal trip in April, I ran across an incredible offer from EasyJet which basically was that I would pay a little more than the taxes and airport fees for a flight for a weekend in Berlin. And since we all know how much I heart Berlin, guess what I did? After a bit of tax-free shopping of course (which involved no alcohol this time, but creams and potions designed to make me look younger longer - LOL!)

Arrived to Berlin on Friday night. This time I decided that I would take the train. A taxi would be about €28.00. The train in contrast is only €2.10. Already a major savings over last time, since I want to keep this trip even cheaper than the last one (you will all see how I did once I am done since I am keeping track). Met up with a friend for coffee whom I hadn't realised would be in Berlin at the same time as me. It was nice just to relax and hang out. Didn't have too late of a night, and unlike the last time, I didn't go out on Friday. Mostly because I wanted to actually see the city this time and get in some shopping. And I need to visit a bookstore to pick up a TimeOut guide to Berlin and to Prague. And I want to try and see what is left of Checkpoint Charlie and get in a museum. Too bad I didn't have the forsight to bring my camera...something I usually always have in my bag. Oh well...hope the camera phone does the trick for stuff I am interested in seeing. I will go out tonight though, probably to Berghain. So far I have just sent €40 on a suitcase (I have a huge duffle bag, but it does not have a strap or wheels and when one is carrying 6 liters of alcohol that matters. A lot. And besides, I need something in between my huge you-could-fit-sipho-in-there suitcase and my louis vuitton light travel case. A good purchase indeed. At €40.00, it won't make the year, but I get what I pay for, especially since I bought it in a shop within the former East Berlin section (meaning that in East Berlin, purchases seems to focus more on being tactical than strategic long-term purchases). But still than what I would have paid in Scandinavia.

So anyway, long post, but besides the slushy snow, the fact that I am almost out of clean underwear, and I have no party clothes (I will go out over-dressed) with me as I was not planning to be here, I am here to have fun :)

And next week - Prague, using SAS for tickets that I got for 800 kronor (which is 1/3 the normal price) during the European Holiday sale.

I heart everyone! Ciao!


Mar. 15th, 2006 03:11 am (UTC)
Yes, but - who really needs clean underwear? Just skip it! ;-)
Mar. 15th, 2006 07:55 pm (UTC)
hahaha! oh my god. i can't imagine having dirty underwear. I get manic depressive when there are dishes in the sink. I can't imagine wearing dity underwear. yuck :)

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