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Weekend In Review (Nice)

So it is Sunday and I am at the airport in Copenhagen. I actually should be on the plane to SWtockholm, but due to EasyJet forcing me to check a bag, there was no way in hell that I was going to make a connection to SAS. In some airports it would have been possible, but not Copenhagen airport. CPH airport takes about 20 minutes to deliver bags, no matter how close or far away the gate is to their arrivals hall in Terminal 3. So I am on stand-by for the 19.50. It doesn't look good. So I could be at the airport until 22.45 tonight. Which would not be a bad thing except that I might not make the Arlanda Express home and have to take a taxi. Which I might do anyway and save the Arlanda Express travel for another day.

But I won't let this coming home experience ruin what was a great weekend. Worst-case scenario - I have access to the SAS Scandinavian Lounge, I have some space left in my bag for tax-free shopping for NON-ALCOHOLIC items (I already have a bottle of Dom Perignon, a bottle of Tanqueray, a bottle of bombay sapphire, and 2 bottles of Absolute Blue), and they have an A Herreford's Beefstow stakehouse now in the airport and I have been jonsing for a well-made steak.

So this weekend was better and cheaper than I thought it was going to be. The tickets were cheap, I spent a total of €35 on transportation (most of that came from taxis to/from the clubs on Saturday), a total of €30 on food, and €180 on the hotel. Which combined with the flight and some spending cash total was about €350 for a night out. I made a comprehensive spreadsheet and pivot table about this, but I realised that only I care so I won't post it.

On Saturday I ended up going to Berghain and Connection. Both have great music. I actually fell asleep around 22.00, but then I woke up at 02.30 and decided that I wasn't going to waste the night inside falling asleep, so I got showered and went to Connection. Connection for me a fun little place. After some hours (read: sunlight on my face), I decided that I would follow a group of random people and go to Berghain. That was a cool experience. I gave out around 09.30 and went back to my hotel to get some sleep. It was much needed. I slept until about 11.00 and then I asked the hotel if I could check out at 13.00 but ended up needing until 13.30. Ah well, they didn't mind. Berlin is truly a care-free city. I like to call it "Managed Chaos" -- so many worlds seems to co-exist together well enough to not cause anarchy. I declare this now: I will live in Berlin at some point in my life. Before I get too old and unpretty. Some of you will say that I passed that devastating milestone somewhere between birth and when you read this, but I don't care :) Bastards :)

Anyhoo. It's about time for me to go and beg for a seat on the flight. Really beg. After all, as much as I like the steak house, I'd rather be at home watching episodes of arrested development and spending a night in my own bed. Or more realistically, the cozy couches that are in my apartment.

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