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All of this, and it's only Tuesday

Today my neck hurts. A lot. I must have slept wrong and it just plain old hurts. I hate when my neck hurts. That and my Palm T3 stopped working with EasySync Pro and PocketQuicken like 2 months ago. I reinstalled everything last night and still no luck at first. Turns out that IBM Lotus Software put out a $70 upgrade which I had to purchase to fix the problem. Ugh. And then my Documents To Go would freeze, which meant a $30 upgrade to make that work. So $100 later everything is working, but I had to pay to do it. Grrr....I hate that.

On the positive side, I can check my mail, read the news, update my LJ, manage my life, and some other stuff while listening to my iPod. And when I get bored with music, my iPod plays video. And I will hang out for a bit with sipho tonight, so that is fun. No idea what to cook though, but will be really simple. Probably just a steak, salad, and some starch of some type (whether it is mashed potatoes or rice I am not sure of yet). And for me, a glass of wine. It's Tuesday. My neck hurts, I can submit expense claims for my business travels because the system is down, etc, etc, etc. I deserve a glass of wine. Or two.
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