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So last weekend I went to Prague. I decided to wait to post about it because I wanted to give it some time. Prague is about the only other capital city in Europe that I like more than Berlin. In Scandinavia, Copenhagen is the cosmopolitian capital. In the West, I would argue that Berlin actually matters more than London or Paris, whose main draw is accessibility and historical charm. Prague is the capital of the East. I like Prague because even though I was there in 2001, and just went back last weekend, it is clearly still a capital in transition. It is gritty and raw and beautiful and inspiring at the same time. That's the best way I can describe it.

Anyway, I arrived on Friday early afternoon. I stayed at the renaissance hotel, which is a nice place and where I stayed last time. The hotel was nice. I wanted to immediately go and see the castle, but I got a call from work and that forced me to spend a few hours in front of the machine (now that I think about this, I'm going to charge them for the internet access for Friday). But after that, I went off to see the castle and take some pictures. The problem was that I forgot that I had left my memory sticks for my camera at home, so no pictures to show.

Anyway, on Friday night I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I then went out to a few bars and I had a really nice time at the bars. There was a problem on Friday, but that will be in the friends-only area.

On Saturday I did some shopping and walking around. It was a pretty good time. You would not believe just how cheap everything is in Prague. It's like a sale on money! Got some alcohol from the shops because it's 40-60% less than in Stockholm. Forget for a moment that I have 75 liters of alcohol of various types -- a bargain is a bargain. Met up with a really cool guy named Alec on Saturday. It was cool to hang out with him. We went to a club and I hung out for awhile until I got really drunk and left without saying goodbye. oops! (sorry Alec). But he's really cool so we'll keep in touch I am sure.

On Sunday, I had a nice and lazy day. No rush to go anywhere except to the airport. When you pass through customs and immigration, there's the Czech Airlines tax-free shop. A mecca of everything a human wants that is bad for them. Eager for more bargains, I purchased more....alcohol. Including absynth. Sigh. So now I have bags and bags of stuff. ANd as usual, when I landed in Stockholm, I hold my bags of booze up in front of customer and yell "Kiss My Ass, Systembolaget." The corresponding strip searches and urine samples are small prices to pay for those 4 seconds of glory.

So anyhoo. I have lots of good reasons to go back to Prague, including an unspent €300 SAS voucher ;-) So I will be back there in late-April, early-May
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