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Sunday Morning Jazz

So the weekend in review...this weekend I decided to stay in Stockholm. Which was an OK thing to do.

On Friday I hung out with Markus. That was very nice. We hadn't hung out together for ages. However, something went really wrong on Friday. All of the alcohol made me really sick and I had to leave without warning. Luckily I did not get sick on Saturday, but I didn't feel good for most of the day.

On Saturday I just decided to take it easy. I was supposed to go to Lino to support Max who was beginning his first night as a bartender there. But I took a few shots at home to see what would happen. And sure enough, as I was walking out the door, I got violently ill. There could very well be something in the choices that I am making for drinks. I don't know what to do, so I will avoid alcohol for the immediate future.

And today, it's Sunday morning, and I am listening to jazz-influenced music. It's really a tradition I had back in Boston. When I was away from home for so long, I often liked to spend Sunday morning listening to a radio station that played great jazz (Magic 106.7) and would just have a leisurely breakfast of something like scones and a latte while reading the papers or a good book and just spending a few hours disconnected from the world. Of course, I live in Sweden now, so replace the scone with knäckebröd och cheese, a youghurt drink, a piece of fruit, and CNN online. Funny how life is sometimes.
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