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Future of My LiveJournal

I have been wondering for a few days now what the future direction of my LJ should be. I decided that I won't get rid of it, because I like it first as a tool for me and second that it provides a forum to share.

However, I have looking at several journals over the weekend and I am not sure what to do. Some journals are chalk full of text, and that is a positive and a negative because no one but your closest friends reads that text. Other journals have lots of pictures, but not lots of text. And still I see some on the middle. But the asthetics aren't the only thing. I have been thinking a lot about content too. Some people post only happy things, others post everything good and bad. And still others turn it into a real experience through several forms of expression and media. There isn't a right answer really and I know this. But that is my dilemma. I will continue to look at this journals that I think are more reflective of the style I want to move towards and come to some conclusion.

I know I want to add more pictures, but I am not sure I want to be the focus of them as opposed to how I see the world. I want to share my stories and stuff, but within what I feel are the correct contexts.

For the moment I will leave my journal as is. But I will probably change it over in june. to what i don't know...
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