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Yay to the Dentist

For those who don't know....the last time I visited my original dentist, she broke a drill bit in my tooth while doing a root canal. That was not a fun experience. She couldn't remove it so she sent me to their specialist clinic.

Well after 2 appointments spread over 3 hours, they finally managed to remove the drill bit so that they could continue on with the original root canal as scheduled.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me actually. My dental insurance runs out on 31 May 2006, so I have between now and May to finish up the root canal and get 50-80% of the cost for that reimbursed. Then, it's just simple maintenance work from that point on. I will warn my dentist that if she can't finish by 15 May 2006, that I would rather use two dentists to make sure that the work gets completed. No sense in paying full price for something I should be getting a discount on.

Oh yeah, and I am at the airport right now. Getting plastered. I am in the SAS EuroBonus Gold lounge and I am a bit drunk. 5 glasses of reisling will do that to you. But hey, I have got to celebrate being able to make progress on my tooth, right? It's the last piece of dental work I need before my mouth returns back to some semblance of normal.

And's another busy travel week. I will be in Denmark tonnight, Helsinki tomorrow night, and then coming back to Stockholm on Friday to go to Berlin on Saturday for a long weekend. I deserve it. I have been good this year.
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