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I'm Still Breathing

Hello everyone!

Hope that everyone is doing well. It has just been such an exhausting 2 or 3 weeks since I last wrote. In that time, I have been to Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Berlin at different points in time. We had a major deadline to reach, but I think that we have done it. So that was a good thing.

Work was dramatic, home has been dramatic, life has been hectic. I want to take a real vacation but can't. Can't seem to get a loan to buy an apartment in Sweden, so I might have to rent. Can't seen to get anyone to rent to an American, so I might have to sleep on the street. All of this, and then there are lots of things happening at work that are sapping my energy.

I am physically and emotionally exhausted at the moment. Each day I don't know what causes me to go on.

But it's warm enough to rain today in stockholm and the sun is trying. And I relaxed at home yesterday watching The Birdcage and the "Gay " episode of Ab Fab which is always funny. An Monday I get my hairs cut.

Yay for me!

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