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Sunday Morning Jazz Continued

This morning I was awake at 09.00. I found a nice bottle of reisling, chilled it for 2 hours. made some banana bread, set my iTunes to play random jazz and i am still enjoying the day :-)

Tonight I might go to dinner and a movie with Robin. I don't know yet.

Was supposed to visit with Markus and go out afterwards last night, but Markus had other plans he couldn't avoid and so we didn't meet. More on that another time in the friend's area of my LJ.

Went out to Lino on my own, but forgot my VIP card so I just decided to come back home and stay home. The rest was quite nice.

Still must study today for my CISSP exam in 2 weeks. I am nervous, but with the holiday week this week and the less stressful workload the week after, I have lots of study time to make something happen. I really need to pass this exam. I don't need to, but I really want to.

Happy Sunday to everyone! :)
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