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Berlin Redux

My most recent trip to Berlin (1-3 April) was rather uneventful.  And that was actually just how I wanted it to be.  At this point I am pretty comfortable with certain sections of the city, and I feel confident enough on my own to take the public transportation, with my sporty bad and iPod video to keep my company.

In a change, I actually arrived to Berlin on a Saturday.  I was supposed to take a flight from Copenhagen to Berlin because I was supposed to be working there for a week; however, business plans changed and I was forced to be in other parts of Scandinavia, so I had to book an additional flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen to make my original flight.  So it was basically SAS from Stockholm to Copenhagen and then EasyJet from Copenhagen to Berlin.

On the flight, sat next to a really cool guy.  He moved to Berlin with his girlfriend and he was just in Copenhagen to visit family for the weekend.  I meant to ask for his number to keep in touch, but I forgot.  I didn't forget...I was in a rush.  On the way into the city, I managed to get lost.  Robin called and offered to help me out, but I declined.  I was going to have to make it on my own -- even if that meant it took me longer than planned.  Part of the problem was that normally there is a direct train from Berlin's smaller Schönefeld airport into the city.  However, on the weekends there is construction so that you have to make 1 or 2 connections.  Of course I could have taken a taxi, but that would have been €30 compared to the €2.10 to take public transport.  But I eventually went with instinct and only managed to delay myself about 15 minutes longer than planned.

So this weekend was more low key.  Saturday I met up with people and went out.  On Sunday morning I came back to my hotel and was tired, but there was the Berlin marathon happening right outside the hotel.  No sleep for the weary.  Instead of getting angry, I took some pictures.

So I decided to eat breakfast in the hotel.  It was really expensive, but it was really really good.  In the late afternoon I got some rest.  And then I decided to meet up with more people and then headed out to GMF.  Too many guys with too much attitude given how they looked.  I liked the music and the atmosphere without the rude guys would have been so much better.  But since I had an early morning flight, it was just as fine to go back to the hotel and get some sleep.

It was still a nice experience overall.  Next time I may try staying at a lower-priced bed and breakfast.  The biggest draw to the hotel is that internet service is included as part of the room price, and the room price is already about 40% off other hotels in that area and class of service.  I don't know.  It would be cool if Markus and Max could come, once they get other affairs sorted.  But for the moment, it's my little secret relaxation destination.
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