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Studying Going Well

Studying for my CISSP is going well. I still have a lot to study for during the week.

Friday and Saturday was about reading all about telecommunications and networking. I took 2 practice exams on the subject and my skills are getting better. I know enough about the base to be able to deduce the right answers most of the time. In every area except data and cabling transmission methods. Grrr...I just have to improve upon that subject area. ANd maybe some more on the TCP/IP suite...

Where I am still really weak on is Enterprise Security Architecture. That bothers me because I am supposed to be better in that area than I am scoring. But I think me scores will improve the more that I drill. I just hate lattice-based access models!

Since I don't want to study on all 10 domains/topics, I have choosen to focus this week on where I scored the lowest when I took the exam cold last time. I am going to need every night this week to cram. I will study tonight for about 3 hours. And then M;onday for about 4 hours. And then Tuesday for about 3 hours. Wednesday night I will take a full practice exam, and make some final study notes to cram for on Thursday. Friday night will be a rather relaxed night -- I don't want to stress. Just will review quick guides and study tips for 2 hours. Early to bed. My exam will be on Saturday. 250 questions. 6 hours. I am not nervous as much as I am just anxious to get the test over and get my passing grade ;-)

For the next 45 minutes anyway, I'll be listening to dance music (a podcast by DJ Racim) and relaxing. And figuring out what to do with this caviar I bought...
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