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Woo Hoo!

I passed my CISSP examination!  I am sooooo happy :-)  You have no idea.  I actually felt like I had passed the exam right after passing.  And by the weekend, I knew I had passed it, and was just waiting for confirmation.

And then there was the pleading for them to give me my score already so that I could finish the certification activities.

I have people to thank.  Obviously the instructors of the different courses that I took got me to focus.  And a huge thanks goes to sjneedham, who when I was thinking of going to Berlin and partying the weekend before my exam, grounded me in reality and forced me to realise just how important studying was to get my certification in terms of the opportunities it can hold (e.g. an addition US$10,000 if I decide to leave IBM for another company).

And the weather is beautiful in Copenhagen this week!
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