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Homeless in Helsinki

lj-mood: tired

lj-music: Prodigy: Firestarter

So it turns out that I am supposed to
go to Helsinki tomorrow, but I am having a problem to find a hotel room.
 Every room in Helsinki appears to be booked and I am not sure why.
 It is not that Helsinki is not a fun place.  It is that it is
not so much fun that it should be operating at such a capacity that the
nearest open hotel room is in Estonia.  Really strange indeed.  I
have to go next week anyway, but there were some meetings and engagements
that I wanted to keep, so I am little pissed that I might not be able to
find a room in time.

On another note, I found this picture
of me, my best friend Markus, and the owner of Storstad (where we were
having dinner) on the internet.  Actually, there is a website called
www.stockholmsfinest.com that takes pictures at several clubs of people
they deem cool.  And then the next day you can go and see if your
picture made it.  Our picture made it on 21 January 2006.

I am also very tired, but I am not sure
why I am awake.  I think with all of the new workload and things on
my mind, I can't even relax and fall asleep.  Which is a shame really
because I could use the sleep.  And maybe listening to Prodigy isn't
helping too much either.

On a different note, I decided to e-mail
this post into my livejournal to test out whether it will post as I have
formatted it and as expected.  If so, that will be cool.  Especially
when I have something on my mind that I want to post, but I can't go and
open up LiveJournal at work without feeling like a total slack-ass cow
pie.  At least now I will be able to look like I am typing something

Peace. Rodney

2006-01-21 sto.jpg
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May. 18th, 2006 09:57 am (UTC)
awww...thanks! that made my morning :-)

i had given up on prodigy and instead went to kylie. i didn't fare much better ;-)

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