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Sunday Morning Jazz

This is fast becoming one of my favourites parts of the week. Some jazz and a nice brunch. except yesterday i made dinner for Markus and I since we both dislike Schlager and the Eurovision Song Contest. I made honey-glazed chicken, ceasar salad, and a wild mushroom risotto. All served with a reisling wine. I had also made baked lemon and goat cheese canapes on crustini with anchovi, but I burned the goat cheese in the oven because the setting was a bit high. :-( but i will get it right next time.

the point of describing dinner was to say that i am so full that today will be only jazz music and no brunch. maybe a glass of afternoon wine and nice walk around the city. I go to Helsinki tonight through Wednesday. And then in Stockholm for the rest of the week.

And I also feel like I need a holiday somewhere. Not only have I done a good job at work, but I passed by CISSP certification and I have yet to reward myself. Maybe I am running at capacity.
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