Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,


Well my apologies....I basically have went into radio silence mode for the past couple of weeks. Probably even more like a month. Things have just been super busy which is a somewhat lame excuse because I am sure that each day I could have found 5 minutes to post.

Anyway, since last posted on 21ss of May, I have been to Helsinki and back. And next week I will be in Copenhagen for 2 weeks (traveling back on the weekends). And then after that I am probably going to go to the USA for a week, but that hasn't been confirmed. There is so much to do and everything is so very confusing and busy right now.

My brain is becoming all mushy. I need to lie down. My overall condition isn't getting better health-wise, meaning that I am still highly stressed.

Hopefully I will get some relation time this weekend, but with my flying at 07.00 tomorrow (meaning I wake up at 05.00), a root canal treatment on saturday, and then going to copenhagen on sunday...i hope to be able to relax sometime in the end of June or July for a few days.
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