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Sunday Morning Jazz

Well it is now Sunday (at least in my part of the world anyway), and that means it's Sunday Morning Jazz. I always say it so I will say it again, it's a very nice comedown to the week just passed, and a ramp up to the coming week.

Today I woke up at 08.30 in the morning, after going to bed at 05.00. The previous day I went to bed at 05.00 but woke up at 10.00. The extra time was only because I was really drunk, otherwise I would have come to at 08.30 again and not slept in so late.

This week has been very crazy and busy. I was in Finland from Sunday to Wednesday to participate in an audit. And then when I left on Wednesday, I had a feeling that we needed to work on some of the challenges and that my direct involvement was necessary. So I flew back on Friday morning and stayed the day.

Socially, I am on the brink of expanding and withdrawing at the same time. Some nights I go out and realise why I should stay in. This past weekend was one of those experiences where I might have been better served just to have a weekend in. My weekend-of-fun was topped off a dental visit that went better than I thought, but for which she did not finish like I had hoped while I still have my US insurance. So it just means that I will have to pay the dental work out of pocket. But on the flip side, it will also mean that I might take a deduction on it later in the year.

Two highlights of the weekend:
First was dinner with Sait. He's a really nice guy and it was great to chat and just catch up. I owed him dinner because he made me dinner 2 weeks ago. So I made "Rodney's Standard Meal" *lol* Since he had never had the honey-baked chicken I make, I made that, a homemade ceasar salad, along with a asparagus, mushroom, and tomato risotto with fresh lemon. We washed it down with a Rawson's Creek Reisling and some long island iced teas. Since I was running late (for those who think I sleep too little, I managed to take a nap from 16.30 - 17.45), I skipped dessert, but I had some nice coffee and godiva chocolates lying around the house.

Second was seeing Chris, a good friend from Canada who moved to Göteborg last year. He was in town with his family this weekend. I saw him out at Lino and after a few minutes, I realised just how much I miss having him around. Easy and relaxed to talk to about whatever. We ended up chatting and excluding our friends for a bit of time, but then I had to leave Lino early due too much drama. And then he called me later on in the night and we chatted for like another hour. I actually really truly miss having an ally in Stockholm...someone in my inner circle...especially since I have been feeling islolated lately for reasons I can't put down into words.

I also decided that I am going to visit the US in June. I think I will give midsummer a miss here and instead spend it in Boston and Atlanta. After all, I am an official employee of IBM Sweden in a few days, and that gives me 25-30 days of vacation every year. Have to use it!

Hope everyone is doing well and lots of hugs to everyone!
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