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The Weekend In Review

It seems like I only write on weekends, but in fact I have to say during the week. I just forget. It is a result of turning older. I am turning 30 tomorrow.

The past weekend I wasn't feeling very good and decided to have a soft night inside. Frederick came over and that really cool and nice of him. He's travelled in Russia and the former USSR. We ate chocolates and drank wine most of the wine. It was just a great and relaxing evening. I hadn't been that relaxed in a while. How he eats so many chocolates and keeps as fit as it does is a swedish national secret. meanwhile, I walk past a pastry shop and immediately put on a stone. but i have managed to drop 6kg in the last weeks, and I will be ready for the height of beach season by August.

On Saturday Markus made a great dinner. Salmon, potatoes, and asparagus. And I brought over some nice wine. After dinner we went back to my place to hang out and Siussi came over. We drank some and then went to Bunker which was not very crowded. We say Rainer there and some guy who works at IBM too. That was cool. But it was so empty that we went to Lino instead and had a great night. I decided to have an after-party at my place. I got to meet up with Sebastian whom I think is one of the coolest guys ever. I seriously love that guy...he's always happy and relaxed. There were about 12 of us, and of course I hung out mostly with Markus, min båsta kompis på stockholm. :-) Everyone left around 08.00.

I then went to Copenhagen on Sunday afternoon, and when I was there, I just had this yearning to be back at home. So I came back from Copenhagen on Monday evening and that was a great decision. I made a terrific dinner, had some nice wine and a stiff drink, and then went to bed. Today (Tuesday) I worked from home, where I will work from most of the summer (or in town when I need to enter an IBM office).

Being a local employee so far is not so bad. Of couse, they deleted my bank information (don't yet know how I will be paid), deleted my office phone (no way to reach me), and haven't delivered on the relocation award money yet. But no matter...I will be visiting the US for some days (using up some of my 30 vacation days).

Tonight I will call my family and let them know I am coming. I have a lot of work during the days, but it should be okay. And of course a trip to Atlanta :-)

But I just need to get through this week at work. And if Rainer is up to it, we'll go to the history museum this weekend.

Hugs and kisses to all !:-)


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