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Birthday Photos

Well I should describe my birthday in some more detail.

On Thursday, Markus and Sussi took me out to this disco show out at the archipelago. It was really nice and a really sweet thought. We had tons of wine and drinks and the food was okay and loads of dancing.

The complete pictures are here, but here are some photos for those of you too lazy to visit my photo page :-)

Relaxing with a drink -- still haven't recovered from yesterday!

A bottle of wine per person = happy drunk look

Sussi....fabulousness redefined!

Markus....his picture speaks for itself :-) in a good way :-)

The Three Amigos :-)

I really have to say thanks to Markus and Sussi...they helped lift my spirits for my birthday and the pleasure of their company was more than I could have asked for. I was content to have a quiet birthday, but they made sure otherwise! :-)

Love, Rodney
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