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In-Flight Update

Well I figured that it was time for an in-flight update, especially as I
have not done one of these in-flight updates in a very very long time.
Going to the US I had decided to upgrade my flight from economy class to
business class, mostly because I need to use up the points before I lose
them anyway.  So from my perspective, it was a no-brainer and the number of
points to use was only 10,000. On the return trip home, when I need the
upgrade the most, it won't be possible because I am flying Finnair from
Boston to Stockholm in a direct flight. But I am rather happy that an air
company has decided to start flying that direct route. No airport
transfers and I get the entire day in Boston as the flight leaves at 22.00
or something like this.

Now that I am in flight, I am excited to be heading back to Boston.  Of
course, I am on my third glass of champagne and about my 6th drink, so that
might also have something to do with how I feel, but I can't really be
certain ;-)

It will be nice to see family tonight if I am not too tired.  But I am
still staying at a hotel.  It is for their own sanity and mine.  I don't
want to go into all of the reasons that a hotel is the right decision, but
it just is the best thing to do.  The primary reason being space
considerations.  I can hack 3 days in a hotel before staying with Steve and
gracie for a weekend.  And then maybe for the last couple of days I will
stay with my family.  Or actually the last night.  Maybe I will make them
dinner.  We'll see.

At Heathrow airport I was naughty...there was a Bollinger Grand Cuvee that
just screamed to be purchased.  It even comes in a glass case.  It was
begging to be purchased and I had no choice.  So I took advantage of it.  I
also bought some batteries because you know, one can never have enough
batteries ;)  And even on the flight there are some things in duty free
that I want to buy that I can't get in Sweden.

On the AA flight itself the airlines staff is nice enough.  The staff comes
around with loads of drinks.  And they knows I like champagne. This trip I
will try and take some more pictures of Boston and Atlanta and introduce
everyone to the cast of characters. But for now, there are 4.5 hours left
to get to Boston, and I have 3 hours to sober up so that I can drive.
Wheee! :-P
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