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Day at Home - Part I

So on Wednesday I went home to the family compound.  I saw my mother, my 2 sisters, my step-dad, my aunt, and 2 nieces and a nephew.  It was nice to see them all.  And of course, I saw April (one of two ofour huge dogs, King was sleeping in the bed and refused to move), and the 4 cars (two of which are super cute kittens only a week old).

We were chatting and talking and talking and chatting for so long that we lost track of time.  Finally we just decided on chinese food for dinner...hahaha...

I spent a large part of the day in my storage locker in Quincy, trying to figure out what I would move to Sweden later in the year once I had my own place.  I chatted with the loan officer on Monday to get a sense of how much money I would be able to get.  She'll come back to me next week.  I will then spend a good part of the summer looking for a place to move into by September.  I am looking for a place where not much needs to be done in terms of renovation, but in Sweden, most apartments get renovated.  I might start out my not renovating at all and just leaving the renovation for my second flat.  At any rate, it means for trip back up here in November to organise movers and a second shipment of stuff.

I also managed to figure out what I would like to throw away from Storage, and a lot of storage is already empty in fact.  I have a box, boxes of books and other materials, and some papers and files in "long-term" storage.

Finally, I there were a bunch of things I just figured I would give to my family.  So I gave them my DVD player, expresso maker and coffee grinder, some kitchen items, portable stereo, some computer equipments and pretty much everything electronic.  I can't use it for Sweden.  Today I will bring them a lamp...and maybe some other things.

From my personal collection, I managed to find my rolex watch I thought I lost, a car adapter for my US phone (comes in handy just now), and I think I will take back with me some expresso and coffee glasses which can be used immediately at my flat (more stylish).

Oh well, now I am tired.  And I have promised to make the family dinner tonight.  For 8 people.  Whee!


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