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Here in the A-T-L

Yeah, so it's 11.19 in Central Europe and 05.19 where I am in Atlanta.  I am so wired for sound that I can sleep. That and the dogs have taken over the couches.

I arrived into Atlanta today and met Steve at the airport.  It is always good to see Steve, and a very fun weekend has been organised from what I can tell.  Tonight Manny Lehrman played at WetBar and it was a great night.  The music was terrific and the crowd was mostly okay.  Got a bit too crowded and drunk in the end, but when you live in Sweden you are used to these things.

But still, we decided to call it a night at 02.30 and then we came back and chatted for awhile and now I am still awake.  Steve is trying to sleep and is watching some tele.  Steve's flat is really nice.  If I were to live in Atlanta, I would live in midtown.

Steve has a dog, Gracie, but he is dog-sitting two other dogs as well..Daphne and Ariel.  I will save you the long stories until I take some pics of them.

But for now, I just need to make myself tired so that I can get some rest.  Tomorrow is another great party day out.

Hugs to everyone :-)
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