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The Women of Peachtree

I promised a more detailed posting on the dogs in the apartment.  There were three dogs in the apartment, but not all are Steve's because he was dog-sitting for a neighbor who went on holiday.

Steve actually has only one dog, her name is Gracie.  Gracie is a lot of fun and she actually makes me want to have a dog, but only if the dog were as cute and well-behaved as her.

Gracie is very energetic and playful.  She's a pretty smart dog, but when compared to the other dogs, she ranks right in the middle.  She likes attention a lot.  One of the other dogs likes attention more, so she upstages Gracie at every opportunity.  But I love me some Gracie. :-)

The next pooch is Ariel.  Ariel is quite simply crazy.  She eats anything on the floor that she things might make it through her digestive track.  Including rocks.  Her and Gracie are friends and rivals at the same time, and they play with each other a lot.

Yes the picture is not that great, but Ariel won't sit still.  And Ariel likes giving kisses, all over your face. And arms.  And everywhere.  She's a very affectionate dog.  She also barfs a lot (due to eating things that were not meant to be eaten).  But she is so nice and friendly.

Finally, there is Daphne.  She is way too sophisiticated to play and be bothered with Gracie and Ariel.  And she likes giving kisses as well.  Only her kisses are directed right on the lips.  Daphne has more strength than it looks likes.  She managed to pin my down and give me kisses for 5 minutes.  She coordinated the kissing attack with Ariel, who sat on my legs as I was lying down so that I could not easily move.

She is adorable.  But runs in traffic when approached by humans until she gets to know them.  But she is smart.

Oh well, just wanted to make a quick post.  Steve is bitching we have to get to Pride Park.  Before the world ends :-)

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