September 17th, 1999


Travelogue – Prologue

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A colleague of mine, Richard Edmond, was kind enough to give me his travelouge, which was his thoughts, feelings and experiences traveling around the group on vacations and on assignments with Internal Audit & Business Controls. After reading his experiences, what struck me was his wish that he had been more diligent in keeping a travelogue with pictures and other exciting items. Reviewing his travelouge made me realize that I should take the time to create a travelogue of my own. One that I can share with others. So it will be somewhat intimate, but never really private, because I want to share them with others eventually. They’ll often be jaded and sarcastic, and rarely politically correct, but always something.


Prior to when I started with internal audit will be kinda fuzzy and really only some of the highlights of my experiences. Even during audit, some of these are really copies of e-mails that I have sent others, some will really focus on only the highlights that I remember about a particular experience. In general, I won’t talk in too much details about locations that I visited in the United States, if at all. But some places were surprisingly interesting and fun.


Right now, this is will be mostly text, with pictures either located in another part of the website or coming “soon” (whatever that means).


So with that, I hope that I can stick to adding to this frequently so that I build a journal that I can share with all who wish to read. Finally, if you notice a spelling error or a grammatical faux pas, don’t let me know, I’m apt not to fix it. I’ll just have to be presented like the illiterate jerk that I probably am.