November 1st, 2003


Stupid Washing Machine Problem landlord still has not had the washing machine repaired. So I had no choice today but to send him the following letter. And I hate being bitchy, but come on, what I am supposed to do? Wallow in filth?!?

It certainly isn't more convenient to have to go around the city and shop do all of this extra work. He ought to be glad I don't additionally charge him for my time.

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I hate it when I have to be a bitch to people who ought to know better. He's a landlord. And he's been a decent one at that. But this is just unacceptable. Am I wrong? I do pay SEK 18,000 a month for this place, furnished, including a washing machine and dryer. Maybe I expect too much?
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Grrr....I'm am soooooo outta here!

Stockholm has annoyed me to no end. And the only helpful individuals are my friends Caroline and MalteMalte.

So I am outta here. Out of Stockholm. There's a 16.30 flight to Helsinki. I am on it. I need the day off from Stockholm. I'll come back to Sweden tomorrow and see if I am ready to deal.

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