November 11th, 2003



So I was standing tonight at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to show up. And I was doing that, I noticed that the buses on this route use special bus lanes for a portion of the way. The signals didn't make a lot of sense to me, but I am sure they made sense to the bus driver. And I began thinking about how some signals are so clear once you know the code. And that led me to ask: What does it take to understand signals?

Back at Ranch Fleminggatan 77, it seems that after a lot of confusion, the signals are becoming clearer and easier to understand.

While in another part of Europe, someone who usually sends out unclear signals, sent a strong signal of their own. Only the person on the receiving end didn't think the signal was all that clear.

Still across the pond, a work colleague ponders a major decision, and thus, the singals they were guided by for so long -- just changed.

And then I am coming to realise. The funny thing about signals is how they mean different things to different people, and how they mean different things at different times.

Maybe the clearest single we send is that we're willing to work to understand the different signals everyone gives us to interpret.
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