November 15th, 2003


Friday, 14 November to Saturday, 15 November 16.00

Woke up early for work, but decided to work from home since I wasn't feeling all that great. During the day, I get a lot of phone calls and lots of e-mail to review and go through. There were so many interuptions that I never got a chance to complete any of my tasks. Thought to go to Copenhagen on Saturday, but I decided that I could put the money to better purposes, so I decided that I would stay in Stockholm the entire weekend. Besides, I will be partying in New Orleans for Maha's wedding next week. And the following week I will party with Steve in Atlanta. So all around, I am pretty happy to stay in Stockholm.

Went out wth Caroline last night, as Rob was in the UK and Robin was in Germany. We had a really nice time, and I took her to some clubs that she has never been to before.

I got home around 03.30. I didn't get to bed until 06.00. I just really couldn't sleep.

Woke up around 12pm. Decided to be leisurely and ginger about the day. After showering, I got a SMS from Forex (the currency x-change shop) that my order was ready to be picked up. Before heading out, I decided that I would also make a shopping list for the grocery store and pick the things up on my way back from Forex. I also decided that I would make a quick stop into the Systembolaget (the state-owned alcohol and spirit stores) to get two more bottles of red wine and a bottle of champagne. However, when I got to the Systembolaget on Vasagatan, the line was out the door and the estimated was that there were 300 people waiting in line. And since in Sweden, the only allow the Systembolagets to be open until 15.00, I didn't want to wait because I was just looking to fill out my personal bar -- I am not on short stock of anything. So I stopped into the Forex at the Centralstation, and some quick and efficient service took place. Stopped by Lush to pick up some supplies, and decided to just head back home. On the way home, got really hungry, stopped by McDonalds, decided that I needed to read and respond to LJ posts before I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, cleaning the apartment, and doing some preliminary packing for my trip home next week.

Caroline also called. She plans to make it a cozy night in. I will be out on my own tonight. Well, not exactly. A couple of other friends have asked what I am doing tonight, but I am not committing to anything.

Well, will update later. Sorry for not posting more publically....I will make a better effort at that.
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