December 28th, 2003


A general update on my life

Well, I am still realising that I don't make enough of my posts public, but that is because with this LiveJournal, I can direct posts at certain groups. So that I actually pretty cool.

Well, I think that it is time for a general update on me.

Overall, I have been really good. I have used this holiday season to continue to go into work (I deferred 5 days of vacation into next year) because I get a great opportunity to get a lot of work and planning done. I like the new project that I am working on because it puts me right in touch with the customer, and gets me closer to the goal of actually learning about the customer side of the organisation. My life outside of work is going well too. I am in a relationship, but I don't really wanna talk about it publically. It's been a fantastic experience since July/August (we settled on August as the "the month" we met).

I continue to benefit and enjoy my experience here in Sweden. I have made some friends along the way this year, and some people who I thought were my friends turned out not to be. But I see that as the way of life.

As strange as it seems, I am in a good place at the moment. I hope I can maintain this good place far into the future. I think that it is a matter of determination on my part to keep things happy.

And also, I need to give out some love, since I have been terrible at e-mail:
* Tim...thanks for the card and the e-mail. I hope all is well!
* Crille...I am glad you enjoyed have to show me the pics!
* Cara....hunni I <<<>>> you so much and I miss you!!! Hope you still love me :-)
* T-Byrd...I owe you a postcard sexy woman! I hope all is well with you. Will write soon I promise!
*'re married now. You left me for Mark. I'm bitter. ;-) (jk)
* Rich...keep those e-mails coming....and no...I would never own a company like Despair, Inc....I am starting my own company...Sarcastic, Inc! ;-) Because let's face it, I am better at judging others.
* Steve...your the friend I love the most, babe! :-) I will call you soon to make sure you are ok!

The Family
* The Family...yeah, I have a new year's resolution to keep in touch more....even if you are going to make me pay for the calls from Sweden! LOL!
>>>family special mentions<<<
* don't even know me, but you love me as if I was your own flesh and blood son...that means a lot to me in ways I am not eloquent enough to express.
* Mom...I love you. Let's never fight the way we fought on Thanksgiving. I <<>> you eternally. If I am aloof sometimes, I have my reasons...but you'll always know the important things.

OK, at the risk of getting sentimental in the lounge, I'm signing off. Take care and be safe everyone!

Love, Rodney
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