January 7th, 2004


First Day Back at the IBM Headquarters

Well, I can't say that it is my first day back from vacation, since I have been working pretty much the entire time. I even deferred 5 vacation days from last year into this year, so I get 5 weeks off and 5 personal holidays for a total of 30 days.

Anyway, it was my first day back into the IBM Headquarters in Kista. The first time that I have been back here in over a month (I am usually downtown at the customer or at another office). I was glad to see that not much had changed, but then disappointed that not much had changed as well.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be at the customer office, but I think that I will spend the morning down at the customer office in order to have lunch with Robin, and then go to the headquarters in the afternoon since the customer is getting the majority of my day on Friday. It seems like the two projects that matter the most to me are finally making some progress, so I am excited to be so busy.

I also need to schedule some time in with my manager, since it is time to evaluate how I performed last year, as well as take the opportunity to address some complaints from my peers regarding my performance (for which I already have had others send out letters of positive support to refute the employee's contentions, so the case is effectively closed).

And I just got my "Benefits Mastercard", which is what I need to use to pay for perscriptions. However, what they never told me in the fine print was that since I am an international assignee, I can't use it to buy perscriptions outside of the US. So it is basically wasted money.

Well, at least I don't have to worry about tax time for a while. That's a bonus.

Anyway, I've now have effectively wasted the free minutes that I gained by ending a conference call early. Time for lunch! :-)
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