May 22nd, 2004


Yay London!

So me and Robin ( robphi ) decided that we would go to London in July....he already has the week off in his schedule and it is easy enough for me to take the time off. We will arrive there on a Thursday night and leave on a Monday morning. Best of all Steve ( sjneedham ) will be there as well, and we can make a party of it.

The trip for us will be super-cheap, because we are using a free voucher for €300 that Robin received and because we are booking so early, both of our tickets together are less than that. And Steve, since he will be there for work...we can just crash at his hotel (although we might have to pay for a night prior to his arrival). But even so, the weekend for about US$200 including hotel and airfare (the ground transport will be a whole different story...hahaha) is not a bad deal. I have been saving my Swedish coins since I have been here and when I turned them in yesterday, it was SEK 4391 ($568 /£319), which I will now immediately put towards the "London Fund". And if I double that by the end of June, I am hoping that we will be okay.

I can't wait for London again...last time was so much fun!

Oh yeah, and I lost a kilo since yesterday...the SBD is starting to pay off in it's own way.
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