August 29th, 2005

Ms Piggy

More About My Trondheim Weekend

Well it was good to see Markus again. He's nice to talk to and to hang out with.

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Overall assessment: Nice weekend. Not fun in that "big night out" kind of way. Just very unscripted and unpredictable. And that was a nice change of pace. Seeing Markus was the high point, especially since I am pretty certain I will likely not be back in Trondheim. Of course, never say never, as I now know several people in trondheim and the next visit if there is one will be more like spending time with everyone since i feel a bit bad that i didn't visit the other 3 people I know.

Anyway, back to work for me. I am using this insomniatic period to get work done!
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Flying While Black

EVERYTIME I pass through customs in Norway, I get stopped. Every single time. No exceptions. And I don't play the race card game, but come on, being stopped 6 of 7 times (the one I was not stopped they had stopped an Asian woman at the height of the avian bird flu scare) is NOT coincidence. That is called targeting. But when I ask for anexplanation, none of the customs staff can provide one. Well with treatment like this at customs, I have no plans to in be Norway again anytime soon.
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On the positive side...

The taxi from Oslo Central Station to the IBM office smelled like cherry air freshener, I got a new job as a Compliance Advisor (maybe a demotion from compliance manager, but whatever, I focus on development, skill coaching, and special projects), and I am making great progress on entering a month's worth of credit card charges into Quicen for reconciling (which means I can run reports necessary to me for expense account submission)

*does that fat guy middle management dance of joy* (like the kind of joy Pavorotti must feel when there is a free 13th donut in the box)
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